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A Familiar Camp Night


I first ventured out to design a beautifully simple story. If I did or not is up to the viewer themself, but my mind and I believe that the goal was reached. Maybe even with a little dainty bow on top . . .  or rainbow sprinkles if you prefer. Anyway, this particular story is set around three generations. The grandfather, father, and son (plus a lovely stuffed bear). All of whom are enjoying eachother's familiar presence on their yearly camp night. 

The set is designed in two pieces: the stand and the colorful top. In my opinion, the two look better together, but the top is easily detachable. The top rests on the stand and is held in place by three extrusions and a few standard connections in the center near the light brick. When the two are together the firepit has a light-up functionality. In addition, the set is a square at aproximately 11 x 11 inches. Lastly, "A Familiar Camp Night" is meant to act as a decorational piece.


~Are those frogs or tufts of grass?

~I don't know . . . actaully, I think the two may be in a quantum state. A state in which both exist at the same time. Just like that one cat. However, when the two are observed, only one of the two possibilities will appear.

~Would that be frog or grass?

~Hmm? . . . oh, I don't know.