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Audi RS5 DTM - German Touring Car


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This is a working manual model of an Audi RS5 DTM (2013). DTM, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (German Touring Car Masters) is a Silhouette racing car series based in Germany.
This model would fit into the Lego Racers (Technic) series both style and scale, and would be an awesome display and playable model. Due to the modular design, it can easily be motorized.


Model features

  • Independent, push rod suspension
  • 4-speed manual gearbox
  • V8 engine
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Hand of God and cockpit steering
  • Opening, locking doors
  • Chassis with monocoque and roll-cage
  • Adjustable rear wing
  • The design is modular, so it is easy to fully motorize


Model details

  • Length (excluding rear wings): 46.4 cm
  • Scale: 1:10
  • Part count: ~2100
  • Price range: about 120-150 €

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