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(Functional) Pirate Ship Ride



      This is a pirate ship ride you would see at an amusement park. This model actually works, it swings back and forth ressembling the real thing almost perfectly. I got this idea at a Lego convention, someone had made one too but it went all the way around, I thought for a little and realized I could make it have a rocking motion, and the boat ride was born.

    Another thing about this build is there are many other lego rides like a ferris wheel, carousel, and soon a rollercoaster. This would be the final piece to your amusement park display. Also if the feedback is good I might make different rides in the future. I noticed how a lot of you said I needed a video on my last build so I made sure to include one below, thank you for any support you have given, are giving or are going to give.

Power functions

•Battery box



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