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My Virtual Creator ( V-Board )

The main idea of this project would be to create a board that would allow the user to place any lego figure or brick and that would virtualize into a game console or computer.

As follows:

Lego Creating Board:

- A board used as a platform to build and to play with your figures
- 34 x 34 platform ( Standard, smaller or bigger could be sold also ).
- Battery operated. ( Unless using the USB Cable ).
- Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth to console.
- USB Connection cable .

Intelligent bricks:

- Bricks incorporated with a chip allowing them to communicate with the platform.
- Using RFID - Radio-Frequency Identification.
- Small bricks and parts could be a problem due to the size.

Intelligent figures:

- Figures incorporated with a chip allowing them to communicate with the platform.
- Using RFID - Radio-Frequency Identification.

The idea would be to allow the user to create anything on the board and that would display on the console or computer.

You could use it in Lego games or any other games that would join the fun.

Kids, Adults and V-Board:

For instance, lets imagine STAR WARS theme:

- Ability to level several characters.
- Ability to build objects such as houses, cars, spaceships, drones, etc
- According to already existing models of the theme.
- Creating a Lego game for star wars incorporating this tech.

Childrens and V-Board:

Now let's imagine a game developed by Lego that would allow children to learn the numbers, letters, animals, you name it.

Imagine they would be able to build with bricks a number follwoing easy instructions on screen and then the game would say correct and would pass on to the next tasks.

Meaning you would place your figure on the board and you could then play the game.
Now imagine you would reach a point where you would have to build a spaceship, you could then follow a guide on screen build it on the platform and then continue to play.

Another example:

Imagine "The Sims" game where you would be able to build your house and then have a gameplay that would force you to do some tasks so that you could upgrade your house or its contents.

AND SO ON... sky is the limit here.

This could also create several partnerships between Lego -> Game Developers -> Consoles Developers.
The idea would be using with all major consoles manufacturers ( PS2 / PS3 / Wii / Etc and Computers )

Obviously something of this size would have to be well planned and would need to have the right partners to suceed.


Virtualization Board

RFID Chip - the size of a grain of rice

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