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Attack on the Justice Society of America´s Headquarters


Hi guys (again), I present to you…

Attack on the JSA´s HQ.

The mysterious villains know as Icicle and Parasite are attacking the JSA so the called the Justice League for help but in order to enter the facility Superman most wear a black costume. Can Superman and Green Arrow save the JSA? Find out in this Lego set.

This set is based off the tv movie Smallville: Absolute Justice and I thought it wourld be cool to have a JSA set, so I hope you like it.

This set includes:

  • Superman (Blur 1 costume)
  • Green Arrow
  • Doctor Fate
  • Star Girl
  • Parasite
  • Icicle

If this set gets picked up Lego would change the skin tone to is correct tone add more details to the figures and change the helmet of Doctor Fate and the staff of Star Girl.

Do you want me to make more DC set? Do you think it’s enough for now? Do you have any suggestions for a set? Any feedback as long as it is respectful will be noticed.



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