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Kokonia Island Resort

Before we came across Lakeside Stories (Definitely check that set to!), we went to our uncle's house in the Polynesian Islands. He discovered a small rock island he decided to name Kokoina. On the this island were so many flowers and even it's own waterfall. My uncle invited us in after a long boat ride there. We were immediately greeted by the salty ocean breeze and the dolphins jumping in the distance. I remember as a child fishing on the back in this little pier. I caught my first ever fish there! He made the waterfall by adding a pump into the island with is own bare hands. There were mussels and barnacles on the east side of the island. The palm trees were planted by my family when we first came to visit. So much time has passed...

Funny Story:

The minifigures forgot to load...The end.

Features of the build:

Two huts
Bedroom with two beds, bookshelf, and a private study space in one hut
Lounge and kitchen in the second hut. 
Pathway down to the docks on the front of the house
A panorama view window on the side of the hut
A little pier to go fishing
Mussels and barnacles 
Flowers and plants EVERYWHERE
Built on a little rocky island
Houses built out of wood and leaves. (Courtesy of the Uncle)

Why you will want this set

This set is like no other. Which set has a green hut and palm trees? None that I remember of. This set is sure to impress and wow people because of its intricate designs and its vibrant colors. 


The minifigures wouldn't load. All you need to know is that the minifigures are the same from Lakeside Stories. Besides them, there is one more minifigure, an guy in a Hawaiian T-shirt. He is the uncle.

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