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StarCraft Terran Marine


StarCraft Terran Marine

The StarCraft Terran marine is one of the most basic, as well as one of the most iconic characters of StarCraft. This model is based on StarCraft 2 and is a posable figure. 

The figure is supposed to be scaled properly to the marine. It is inspired after the build-able figures line (In fact the blaster I should have used should be from the Captain Phasma set 75118 - but I don’t own that set). But this is smaller than the build-able figures and uses more traditional elements.

This set is also very posable and not that big to display. 

Great set for StarCraft fans and is made mainly for AFOLs and Teens that would like to display - as well as play with this proposed set.

In this set you get:

  • 1 Terran Marine Unit - in scale

Design notes:

  • Lightsaber hilts are connected to stud shooters!
  • the spine at the back is made up of wheel axels! - a good use of excess wheel axels from pick a brick walls!

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