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Emil of Loenneberga's Farm

l Iove Emil of Loenneberga and I love working with Lego and that's why I built the farm from Emil of Loenneberga. It consists of the family house, the garden and the shed into which Emil always escapes and then carves a figure, as well as a carriage. In the house, there is a kitchen, a bench on which the maidservant sleeps and a dining table. In the other part of the house there is a desk and a booklet in which the mother writes down all of Emil's pranks. In addition there are the beds of, Emil, Ida and their parents. In the shed, there are shelves full of carved figures. I also Illustrated Emil's most popular pranks: Emil's Father trapped with his big toe in the mouse trap; when Emil pulled  Ida up the flagpole; when Emil filled his father's boots with water and when Emil stuck his head in the soup tureen. In addition: the carriage with which the father and the mother brought  Emil to the doctor when he stuck his head in the soup tureen.                                                                                                                                                                                                        The minifigures include: Emil with his carving knife and his wooden rifle, Ida, his mother and father, the maidservant Lina and the servant Alfred.

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