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Eddie Stobart Volvo FH Truck

If you’ve ever travelled on a British motorway you would have definitely seen an Eddie Stobart lorry at some point of your journey.
Eddie Stobart is a haulage/freight company based in the UK that has been about since the 1940s.
The company are a superbrand in the UK. They run an airport, rail freight service, coaches… the list goes on, and they even have their own television series.
Each lorry is individually named and instantly recognisable in their red, green and white paintjob.

This model is 7 studs wide and 47 studs in length (combined tractor and trailer length).
This can comfortably seat 2 minifigs in the cab.

The cab is based on a Volvo FH. It has many features, such as removable roof, opening doors, flip down bunk bed. The cab pivots forward to reveal the truck's engine.
The trailer is based on a refrigerated type.
It features a refrigerator unit, flip down stabiliser legs, and opening rear doors to allow it to be loaded up with plenty of Lego cargo.

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