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Tetris Cube


Tetris Cube

This is my Tetris Cube. Now I have built a box for the cube and you can take the game with you. For those of you who don´t know what a Tetris Cube is, it is a rather mesmerizing puzzle cube. There are 12 uniquely shaped puzzle pieces with a maximum of 9,839 solutions and 9,130,086,859,014,144 (only a nerd could calculated this) possible cube orientations. The trick is to find just one.

For all tetris fans and of course for all others a very funny tetris video.


I think it would be a nice Lego set and it shows again everything is possible in Lego bricks. It is a simply and addictive game. Try it and solve the cube!

This are the 12 puzzle pieces ...


and this is the box you can use to take the game for your next car travel for your children and for you.

And please don´t despair. Have a lot of fun!

If you like my idea please share it with your friends and maybe you have a look to my other projects like my Tetris game or the other colorful projects. Thank you to everyone for the support, your comment and your suggestions. AWI

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