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Iron Man Hall of Armour

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Iron Man Hall of Armour Suit Room (Workshop / Garage) - redesigned

This is a scene from Iron Man 3 (Based on stills and footage of the movie) and is based on Tony Starks workshop / garage in his Malibu mansion and displays his IronMan Hall of Armour.

This redesign includes:

Seven pods and 8 variants of Iron Man suits

Mark 1 - (See main picture - new design June 2013) hand built by Tony Stark in a cave
Mark 2 - (see below) the first Iron Man suit prototype
Mark 3 - (see below)
Mark 4 - (see below)
Mark 5 - (see below) unpacked and suitcase versions
Mark 6 - from Iron Man 2 and Avengers
Mark 7 - from Avengers, and from Iron Man 3, and
Mark 42 - (on the workbench) their Bad ... Baby Brother, the auto assembly suit.

Including Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and Dumb-E robot.

Central assembly platform where Tony can practice with the self assembly Mark 42

Windows to the left of the scene, walkway down to the IronMan suit vault and workbenches and computer displays to the right.

See the Exploding Pods video on Vine
See more pictures on Flickr

Thanks for viewing, I hope you like it.

The mockup Mark 2, 3, 4 & 5 Iron Man suits. Thanks to @Rawe for designing these for me.

The Mark 2 & 3 from Iron Man 1 and Mark 4 & 5 from Iron Man 2

The self assembly Mark 42 and Pepper Potts with the suitcase packed Mark 5. With computer screens and workbench.

Each pod explodes (via a button on the reverse of the set) destroying the pod and Iron Man suit.

See the Exploding Pods video on Vine

The Hall of Armour is adaptable so you can mount the existing Lego Marvel Superheroes Malibu Mansion Attack set onto the side (see external shot above).

The set used for the picture above uses parts from two Malibu Mansion sets, but will work just as well with one.

See more pictures on Flickr.

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