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Everest Adventure

Climb to the summit of the world's highest peak with Lego Everest Adventure! I've always been fascinated by Mt. Everest and the men and women who risk it all climbing it. Unfortunately, distance, cost and extreme danger will keep all but the most talented and ambitious climbers from visiting its awe-inspiring slopes. I thought - what better way to bring the adventure closer to home than with a line of Lego sets dedicated to Sagarmatha herself! Mountaineering has never really been done with Lego, but many of the parts and themes borrow from both the old Arctic and Adventurers sets. Each set depicts a real-life part of the Everest climb using the South Col route, from touchdown in Lukla to the summit at 29,000 feet. I thought it'd be nice if each set also included a poster of Mt. Everest with a map of the route, some history and facts about the mountain and its explorers. Race you to the top!

-Fly into Nepal on board the Everest Express
-Get settled in at Base Camp
-Journey carefully through the treacherous Khumbu Icefall
-Rest at camp in the magnificent Western Cwm
-Scale the Lhotse Face and reach the South Col
-Prepare for the summit and the top of the world!

[Main pic above] After weeks of intense climbing, it's finally time to make a bid for THE SUMMIT! 29,029 feet up, the Earth curves away into the horizon and the mighty Himalayas stretch out as far as the eye can see, all other peaks dwarfed by the mighty Everest! Carefully navigate the Knife Ridge, scale the imposing Hillary Step and reach the highest point on the planet! The set's play feature is a button which will topple the rocks of the Hillary Step when pushed. Includes a Sherpa guide and two climbers with plenty of gear to complete the ascent. 441 pieces.

*I realize the point of CUUSOO is to produce a single set rather than entirely new themes (though this could be seen as an extension of City). The four sets I have pictured are just a little over 1000 pieces combined, and could be sold together to create one big Mt. Everest playset for around $100. With additional sets I have planned that price could end up being as high as $150, but I really intended to have them sold separately, which is why each set is designed for a specific price point.

9/3/2013 - 100 supporters

EVEREST EXPRESS is your ticket to the highest point on Earth! Includes pilot, mechanic and climber; airplane (modeled after the de Havilland Canada Twin Otters operated by Yeti Airlines) with room for two minifigures and cargo; and maintenance vehicle with tools. Climber comes with parka, camera and suitcase. Plane has easily removable top for interior access, opening boarding ramp, spinning propellers and turning nose wheel. 203 pieces.

Beware the dangerous crevasses and shifting ice that make the KHUMBU ICEFALL one of the most intimidating parts of the mountain! Avoid the falling seracs to reach the safety of Camp I, located 18,000 feet up the slopes of Everest. The set includes two climbers and a trusty Sherpa guide, ready to take on the deadly fields of ice and snow. The main play feature of this set is a hidden tile, which when removed will trigger an avalanche! Also included is a tent with folding awnings and easy-off top, camp stove and lots of gear, a ladder to climb through the Icefall, and a hidden oxygen cache at the top. 295 pieces.

Compared to the rest of the journey, this place is downright cozy! EVEREST BASE CAMP includes two climbers and an expedition guide; two tents with opening flaps and easy-off top; and base headquarters with plenty of gear, including telescope, camp stove, radio, mugs, binoculars, weather radar, and oxygen tanks. 133 pieces.

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