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Lego Movie-Maker - Large Multi-Use Stadium

For those of us interested at getting into Lego Stop-Animation, I present the Multi-Use Stadium. A three sided set to allow access for multi-point filming, an interchangeable pitch to switch between American Football, Football (Soccer) and Rugby. (For other sports, such as Tennis, Volleyball and Hockey, another Medium sized stadium will be available). A LED light system to attach to the underside of the roof section or to floodlight stands. Contained within the box will be an amassment of various multicolored mini figures to go in keeping with any normal attending crowd, flags and multiple accessories.
One Tier of crowd will be contained within the box with additional tiers available to purchase. To aid with the filming process , attached to the roof is a rig that connects to the ball through the use of a very thin fishing line A piece of software will be included that allows the user to create their own individual kit or allows them to replicate their favorite teams strip so that they may create the most authentic Lego Movie reproduction possible. Please help me make this a reality so I may recreate many famous moment from Sporting history.

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