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HRB’s Modern Farmhouse

Why: I love creating for/with my daughter. This project allowed me to infuse popular design and style elements into a functional dollhouse for her. This modern farmhouse is the set I would want to buy if it was available as a set. 

Concept: A fully-furnished, on-trend LEGO minifigure house, inspired by Joanna Gaines popular farmhouse style, and minimalistic design.

This modern farmhouse provides hours of fun in assembly and play, and is sure to be a favorite in the toy aisle among young and old (girls) alike. Oh, and it’s super cute!

Design features include:
-Monochromatic color scheme, with gold and pink accents
-Covered/raised front porch
-Dark mahogany “hardwood” floors on the main level
-Open-concept kitchen with island
-Farm-style sinks in the kitchen and bathroom
-Trendy black faucets
-Custom “wood” range hood
-Black “granite” countertops and white cabinetry throughout
-Second-story loft bedroom with ensuite bathroom
-Clawfoot bathtub
-Oversized, black-framed windows
-Industrial-inspired lighting
-Indoor/outdoor living space
-Modern landscaping 
-Built to-scale for minifigs

Edited to add:
-Barn-inspired sliding doors as a partition on the loft floor (they really slide!)
-Expanded outdoor space to include a small farm (vegetable garden and chicken coop), with string lighting
-Farm-to-table component (fresh eggs)

I’m in love with this creation. I know LEGO can refine this idea to perfection. Thank you for your support!

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