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Japanese Chess Chibi


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In an effort to claim the ultimate goal, A smaller game of honor was made.
Since the original 9x9 board wasn't going to cut it no matter how clean I make it, I've decided to create the 5x5 version of the board for quicker, more strategic games.

Key Differences:
  1. Each side has to work with six pieces instead of the original 20.
  2. The Spearman and Warrior pieces are excluded from the game.
  3. Instead of a full row of foot soldier pieces, you get one foot soldier guarding the emperor.

Why did you build this?
This was built to make up for those that like to play shogi and wanted a LEGO set of one but don't exactly want almost 2,000 bricks.

Why do you believe in this?
Because I need to see if the high brick count turned people away.

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