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Floating Tower of the Dragon Priestess

Floating magically above “Dragon Mount” is the Tower of the Dragon Priestess, Aphriel. The tower sits upon a central floating island with 3 cascading waterfalls leading down to 3 more floating islands. 
”Dragon Mount” has a table top lake to catch all the water which flows towards a larger waterfall leading to the base of the mountain. 2 dragon statues sit at the head of the waterfall and when turned, the waterfall opens revealing an entrance into the depths of “Dragon Mount” and the dragon’s lair.
I built this fantasy world to challenge myself in not only creating the tallest (76.2cm) Lego MOC I have made, but also in its shape and structure. I wanted to do something no one else had done while including as many play features as possible, like the trap door at the base of the tower.

For those who would like to see the playability features of this idea please check out this YouTube link

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