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Parisian Street Modular


         My latest idea is a modular build of a Parisian street. It features two buildings, a bakery and a townhouse. The bakery building has a bakery on the first floor and an apartment on the second floor. The bakery contains:

  1. Two front windows
  2. A statue of a baker holding croissants over the door 
  3. Signs on either side would have stickers labeled "boulangerie", bakery in French 
  4. A bench, lamp post and tree in the front 
  5. A main room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.
  6. Pastry display containers behind the window
  7. A small table to eat at
  8. A counter in the back with bread, sanwiches, and pastries
  9. A bathroom with a sink, toilet, towel rack, and decorative wall
  10. A kitchen with a sink, two ovens, a pan rack, and a door to the back
  11. A delivery truck that can perfectly fit the containers displayed in the front
  12. Two bakers

The apartment on the second floor contains:

  1. A fireplace with tools
  2. A bed
  3. Access to the back of the statue through doors
  4. A small lamp and a book
  5. A bookshelf with books and a mini model of the Lego modular Taj Mahal on top
  6. A small kitchen with three cabinets, an oven, and a sink
  7. A bathroom with a toilet, towel rack, sink, and diagonal door
  8. A center dining table with four rotatable chairs
  9. A work desk with a newspaper
  10. The child, man, and female baker live in this apartment

The townhouse is narrow and split into three floors. It has a walkway and fire hydrant in the front and a backyard with a driveway and car in the back.

  1. The first floor has a table with two chairs, a kitchen with a sink and oven, and a staircase to the second floor.
  2. The second floor contains a bed, small bathroom, and ladder to the third floor
  3. The third floor has two Lego modulars displayed on a shelf with the death star as well as the Lego Big Ben modular
  4. The roof has a barbecue area with chairs and a chimney

In between the bakery and the house, there is a walkway with a gate that leads to a staircase. This staircase goes up to the second floor of the bakery and the apartment, curves around to the back of the building, and continues up towards the roof. A mini canopy roof with vines and flowers attached to the second floor of the townhouse covers the stairway.


Build Info:

  • This set contains two main models, a townhouse, and a bakery
  • The overall piece count is 2645 elements and this would be for advanced builders
  • There are two mini vehicles in this set, a car, and a bakery truck
  • This set features five minifigures, a male baker, a female baker, a woman, a man, and a child

Overall, this set is very playable due to its layout and detailed interior and exterior. The buildings are very decorative with various texturing and brick design on the front as well as a mini-statue. Thank you for viewing this project and thanks for your support.

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