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Sunken Treasure Discovery Team With Divers, Boat and Sunken Ship

What could be more exciting than finding sunken treasure? Using high-tech equipment onboard the Diving Boat, the Explorer Team sets out to find the Sunken Ship. It's not just the ship that's the prize, it's the treasure that was onboard. Can the team find treasure before the big storm covers the wreck in sand forever? What kind of treasure will it be? Precious gems? Coins? Historic tools or archaeological wonders?

This set includes the Diving Ship, the Shipwreck and three characters:there's the daring Sea Captain--she's tough, determined and knows her ship and crew will be successful, and also two brave divers who will search underwater for the lost treasure.

The roof of the ship comes off to show the high-tech SONAR and navigation equipment, the captain's chair and the navigator's chair.

This set demands action! There are so many scenarios that a little imagination can bring to life about searching for treasure and diving beneath the waves. The boat can also be used as a rescue ship, coast guard or emergency crew.

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