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City Bus


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For this city bus i took inspiration from some relatively new busses. This bus has 23 seats and place for some bikes or a wheelchair in front of the rear doors. There are two sets of doors which can open and close and at each door is a screan to check in and out for the bus ride. At the front of the bus, above the windshield, is a screen at which the number of the bus and the final destination can be shown. The driver-compartiment is closed of and has a detaild dashboard with various gauges and buttons. Behind the driver and above the wheels is some storage space for luggage.

The bus is 12 studs wide (14 with mirrors), 48 studs long (49 with mirrors) and about 9 bricks or 28 plates high. For this build are 736 bricks used. The roof of the bus can be removed to gain acces to the interior of the bus.

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