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Box Calendar

This idea came from Happy New Year 2024 is coming. It is named “Box Calendar”, that shows calendar of 2024.
There have twenty one number boards, which could array month and date. Girl position represent month, and boy position represent date.
Number boards fix on studs on two minifigures face side. In addition, an additional year board is seted up on the other side. There is a lock under box of year side. Turn lock in vertical, and two doors could be open. There is a small storage inner box, but enough to store extra number plates. In order to stable number boards, it was designed four rows studs for fixing. Also, a bunch of number boards could be stack by two studs on each board.
Have fun to unlock door to change date everyday.
1. It is rectangle BOX to show calendar of 2024.
2. Calendar has organized by number boards, and total number of number boards was twenty one.
3. Number boards have been fixed on studs to show year, month and date.
4. There is a lock under the box, which could lock two doors.
5. The storage space inside the box is a little small, but it can still store some license plates.
6. For convenient and tidy, number boards could be pile up by two studs.
428 parts
Dimensions: 21.8 x 10.1 x 16.2 inch stud.
I really want this project to release, and looked forward to getting 10,000 supporters.

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