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Lucky's Meat Market


Here is my new idea called Lucky's Meat Market, it has 669 total bricks and pieces in this idea. I will give you a short description of what is inside and outside Lucky's Meat Market. 

For Starters the first thing I started out with was the base board which is one 48x48 gray bricks, then i used 1 x12 light colored cement for the base of the Lucky's Meat Market. 

Inside Lucky's Meat Market you have  a ATM machine with yellow lights and two black eye cameras,  a light green dollar bill, and a bank card reader,on the right hand side of the Meat Market, next to that you have a order ticket machine that prints out ticket numbers, you have two different colored order number tickets one is yellow the other is white. 

On the backside you have the order meat counter with two cash registers, two computers, two credit/giftcard readers, two white keyboards, two receipt printers, two cash draws. On the Counter top you have a lighted square number for the order number tickets, and it says in green letters number 11. You have two telephone and telephone holders, you also have two total black computers that tells the total of the meat,  you have a computer that have meat specials on it and other prices of meats,  a award for best customer service

Next to the order meat counter you have a meat pick up counter that has a computer that tells the order and what number the order counter was on, a scale, a meat package printer, one red steak, one red susage, one red hot dog, a yellow cheese wheel, blue cheese, chicken wings,  a award for the best pick up time,

You have six five customers, two order takers, one meat counter attendent. 

Next you have on the left hand side a computer with chair and that is a job application computer, with a job applicant filling out the job form,

On the front side you have a janiter's closet with mop, broom, bucket, shovel inside the janitor's closet, on the outside you have a janitor with mop and key, there is a security camera on the top of the janitors closet. 

On the outside you  have two front door frames, and doors, 4 clear windows on the left side, 4 clear windows on the right side, you have yellow bricks on top of the cement, you have a copper colored roof, 4 copper colored sign holders, a white rectangular sign that says L-M in gold letters and that stands for Lucky's Meat Market. That conclude my brief description of my idea, i built this idea knowing that Lego Ideas and the Lego company does not have any meat markets for any of the creator or city sets. If you like my design please tell your friends and family about it and feel free to share it with everyone and thanks! Have a Great Day!

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