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Black Heroes of the World

The black heroes of the World is a build based off of some of the most impactful people.
This build consists of 4 minifigs and four different scenes for the minifigs.
Jackie Robinson is on my Lego built mini baseball field, Martin Luther is on a mini built version of the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial, Harriet Tubman is in the woods with a quilt hung behind her, and Rosa Parks is inside of her bus.
  • Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player and has changed the minds of other kids wanting to grow up and play baseball.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was a powerful speaker and had a dream that all people had the same rights and were to be treated equally.
  • Harriet Tubman was just one person bought into slavery and escaped then sought out to save over 70 other who were enslaved.
  • Rosa Parks was a leader during the time of the segregation when she made the choice to stand up against the system and sat in the front of the bus.
This build was a fun one and would love to see this on shelves and I think that a lot of people would too. So if would you like to see this on shelves I need your help to get the big 10,000.

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