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Lotus 49


Having previously submitted several of my own racing car designs I have now decided to have a go at building a model of an actual design and have chosen a model from yesteryear in the iconic Lotus 49.  As with all the models though, it has been necessary to greatly compromise the design to fit in with what is available in Lego bricks and as such my project is only very loosely based on the actual car. 

Throughout it's life the Lotus 49 appeared in various states of development and modification but I have decided to go with the Gold Leaf Team Lotus version of 1967 (although I stand to be corrected - it may have been 1968) which featured the elevated rear wing.  Unfortunately I have had to complete the project without access to detailed design drawings and therefore some elements could possibly be improved.  If anyone has any suggestions, for improvements or alterations, I would welcome them.  They would, of course, need to be within the bounds of what is possible in Lego.