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Apollo Lunar Mission - UCS Space History Relics


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Hello and welcome to my next Idea:

Apollo Lunar Mission - UCS Space History Relics

I really love Space and Science and
Some supporters asked me about a to create a set with some here it is.
Thank you for asking ;o)
It was fun to creating this set.

This Set would include the remaining parts  of the Lunar Module, 
the Lunar Rover, the Laser Reflector, the Flag and a Presentation Plate.

The set would also include a specs plate with some data about the Missions.

As a bonus there would be a 2x2 brick with a pic of the first footprint on the moon.

If this Idea would reach 10K it would be a honor and a tribute
to all men and women who made the dream come true to leave the earth
and step on the moon.
Not only the astronauts, all people who worked on this project and
made it happen.

Thats why I would call it a Lego UCS Space History Relics Set.

Thank you so much for your support.

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