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Siege of Aurelianum


The siege of Aurelianum, recreated in Lego. In 451 AD Attila the Hun attacked the Roman city of Aurelianum, modern day Orleans, which was ably defended by their Alan allies and the local garrison. The defenders held off the Hunnic army until June 14th, when Aetius arrived with the Roman coalition and forced Attila to retreat to the Catalaunian Plains.

The set comes with a battering ram with swinging ram, a gatehouse based on the actual late Roman fortifications of Aurelianum (which no longer exist), and six minifigures. The minifigures are, from left to right, two Frankish warriors, a Hun archer, two Alan federates, and a Roman archer. The minifigures would need custom pieces, to make accurate late Roman and barbarian helmets and armor, but I tried to get them as close as I could using existing parts.

Lego has often served an educational purpose, and making some more historical themed Lego sets would be a good addition to this goal for their company. However, this is NOT a proposal for a theme.

Set contains 512 pieces, and based on piece count would cost around $50 dollars.

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