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Dude Perfect


Because of my love for their Youtube channel and TV show, I've been inspired to come up with this Dude Perfect Lego set!

This is a great set for sports equipment and fans of the Dude Perfect TV show or Youtube channel! It captures a small part of the Dude Perfect HQ, which I did my absolute best to make accurate in every way I could.  It includes an indoor putting green, a basketball hoop, pool table, and their couch as well as some of the wall prints we've become familiar with at the Dude Perfect HQ.

The set also includes six figures! All five of the guys (Tyler, Cody, Cory, Coby, and Garret) are here, along with their panda mascot. They have very cool printed torsos based off of their merchandise and some very cool accessories as well, such as golf clubs and pool sticks.  I think this would be a great addition to the collection of any Lego or Dude Perfect fan.  

I hope you like what you see! If you do, please support and follow so that this set can hit store shelves! Thanks! 


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