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2017 Ford GT


Hello everyone and welcome to my most ambicious project ever!

       This time I'm presenting Ford's latest big effort IMO, the legendary GT. It's a Mid-engined V6 powered supercar that'll be on streets next year if everything goes rights.
       So, if you don't feel like waiting until next year to have yours or you can't afford one but wanna have it anyway, this might be the thing you're looking for!
      With around 950 bricks and ~1:17 scale, my version of this amazing vehicle also features opening scissor doors, trunk and hood, with a detailed (and somehow invented) engine (come on, Ford hasn't shown any images with the opened hood, so I guessed) and dark blue/black interior, as detailed and smooth as it gets. 

I took 10 days in the making. The dimensions are 270 mm long x 110 mm wide x 80 mm tall.

In the end, I'm way happy with the result. If you liked it as I do and wanna see it in the stores, please support. I'd be so glad!
Thanks for the attention and have a nice day!



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