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Camp Half-Blood

This is for all my fellow Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus fans. This build is a complete build of the most recent description of half-blood hill. It contains the following: 20 of the known cabins; The oracle cave, bunker 9, Zeus's fist, strawberry fields, the mess hall, the stables and the armory. Also, the Forge, the arena, climbing wall, the big house. I also added Thalia's pine tree, golden fleece, volleyball, and basket ball courts, the Amphitheater, a mini map and the legend.

This build is based off of the map in The Demigod Files. If you like Percy Jackson and, like me, have been hoping for a LEGO set like this, please support. I built this after re-reading all the books. I've always thought that there should be some type of LEGO Percy Jackson set, whether it's a separate set for each cabin or something else. I love building LEGO and this was a very fun project to undertake. I think that the Percy Jackson fanatics deserve a set like this, and I do believe that this could be it. The first photo is a bird's eye view of the entire set, and the others are photos of each individual section of the build. I hope this will get some recognition and that people appreciate the effort that goes into builds like this.

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