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Zenith- Healey

Ok. This is my newest Zenith car. The Zenith- Healey. The Healey is a tuned up version of the Austin- Healey 3000.


The Healey has big beady eyes and a huge rear wing. The windscreen is tinted a deep grey and is curved. The spoiler is adjustable and retractable. It's red and has an aerodynamic front.


The Zenith-Healey is equipped with a turbocharged V8 engine generating 300 brake horsepower. It has a top speed of 148 MPH. The dual-clutch 6 speed gearbox is semi-automatic and has a new cooling system.

                    Why I built it.

I built it because I like Austin-Healey's but I noticed there isn't any set with a Healey. I didn't call it a Healey though because it isn't one.

Why I think it would make a great set.

I think it would make a good set because there are probably loads of Healey fans like me out there.

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