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Higher for Hire From Talespin

This project is based off of the TV show TaleSpin. It contains the SeaDuck, Higher for Hire, and the Tri-wing Terror. Minifigures in this project represent Baloo, Kit Cloudkicker, Rebecca Cunningham, and Don Karnage.

From the show's universe the SeaDuck is a Conwing L-16 seaplane used for general cargo/passenger transportation. Baloo is its pilot while Kit serves as co-pilot/navigator. Giving chase to them is the leader of the Air Pirates Don Karnage. His plane of choice is the Tri-wing Terror, a heavily modified CT-37 Triplane. The CT-37 has become synonymous with the Air Pirates because of it's amazing maneuverability and ability to be easily modified.

The building in this project is the headquarters for Hire for higher the air cargo service formerly owned by Baloo, now owned by Rebecca Cunningham. The building has a small cargo warehouse and four levels. The fist floor is the main office, the second floor has a small bedroom and the top floor functions as a radio room. It is built in a modular style where each level can be removed.

Project details/measurements:

Higher for Hire 1,900 pieces (approximately)
                      Dimensions in studs 71.0w x 36.0l x 60.4h 
                      Dimensions in Inches 22.4w x 11.3l x 19.0h
                      Dimensions in Centimeters 56.8w x 28.8l x 48.3h
Seaduck 490 pieces (approximately)
                      Dimensions in studs 50.0w x 48.2l x 12.0h 
                      Dimensions in Inches 15.7w x 15.2l x 3.8h
                      Dimensions in Centimeters 40.0w x 38.6l x 9.6h 
Tri-wing Terror 160 (approximately)
                      Dimensions in studs 14.0w x 19.7l x 12.0h 
                      Dimensions in Inches 4.4w x 6.2l x 3.8h 
                      Dimensions in Centimeters 11.2w x 15.8l x 9.6h 
Total 2,550 pieces (approximately) -- dimensions and piece count were taken from Studio

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