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Viking Longhouse


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Recreate the glory days of the Vikings with the Viking Longhouse! Based on reconstructed longhouses found in Europe, this longhouse is large enough to accommodate multiple Vikings on their travels and discoveries!

The longhouse was designed to keep the original shape and design intact while trying to use other techniques. For example, the wooden logs that kept the walls up on real longhouses are used here as a visual addition and have no real support. The roof borrows detailing techniques from similar designs. Inside, there's beds for up to eight, a rear table, spears mounted in the corners and a fire pit in the center. A Viking minifigure is also included depicting a viking at rest with his trusty axe. Tall grass and tree stumps are used for additional detail.

At over 900 pieces, this set was created for anyone who enjoys the Vikings or building homes. We already have a Viking Longship (and soon a village) in LEGO form, so why not a Longhouse?

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