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Two Seater Convertible Sportser


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Dream big with the coolest two seater convertible sporster and cruise around in style.  With opening doors, hood, bonet, hardtop roof and hideaway front fog lamps with license plate, this multifunctional combination of moving parts is tons of fun.  

Enjoy the warm days and the cold ones too with the ability to open and close your roof.  With a manual transmission, fancy wheels, recessed tail lights,  side mirrors, rear spoiler, and more, this supercar will get you there, and FAST!


Designed to fit two minifigures and have many options with a combination of technic, standard bricks,  plates, hinges and smooth tiles, a great selection of brick elements come together in magnificent piece of art.  Building a kit like this teaches small acute design techniques,  structure, movabilty and mounting of key elements.  


Many options could also be changed invoking creativity and imagination galore.  What would be better than customizing your own ride?

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