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Commercial Fishing Boat


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The build is about 40 studs long and 12 studs wide. It is also around 14 bricks and one plate tall. There are 366 pieces in the build. The build features all of the nessecities for a good day of fishing; 3 coolers (with ice), a 10x10 net, 2 fishing rods, an anchor, a lifejacket and a floatation device. There are 12 fish and 2 sharks, plus 1 minifigure.

There is a mechinism for pulling up the net and string (image 7). This mechinism works by turning the gear on the outside of the ship. The crank system works very well and raises and lowers smoothly. The pillars that stick out from the bow can be moved (image 10). The propeller at the back rotates freely. The net detatches from the hook (image 5). You can pull the coolers out of the ship for an easier way to put fish in them. 4 fish fit in each cooler (see image 3). The fisherman has a lifejacket on and a radio close by, should there be an emergency. In the real pictures the net, string and hook are all attached, but I was not able to achieve this in Lego Digital Designer.

I chose to build this boat because I always liked watching boats like this one fish on the pacific ocean. Commercial fishing boats mainly fish for large quantities of fish. This industry can be quite dangerous. Many harsh conditions such as tsunamis and hurricanes can cause severe damage to the boat and its owners. 

I feel that other people would enjoy this build because there are so many ways one can imagine this boats story going. The builder can decide how his day goes. If he will run into a storm or if the sharks will eat all his fish, the options are endless. It is always a great experience to step into somone elses shoes and imagining how they live their life. This time you get to assume the life of a commercial fisherman. What hardships will your day bring...

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