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Frontier Star Cruiser


I have always loved building with microscale, as you can still build something great without a lot of bricks. As my collection grew, I realized that if I built a larger ships still in microscale, you could build a large ship and make it look even larger. The concept for this ship had existed in many iterations, but never at this size.

This model has many supporting ships, and two other smaller craft to either befriend of fight. All of the display stands are removable for play, but can be easily reattached for display. Every surface is detailed (even the underside) making this a great display. A factory has also been included for extra play options. The yellow transports have posable wings, as well as the cruiser.

Thank you for any support that you give. It means a lot to me. Supporting is always free, so don't be afraid to. Good luck to everyone, and brick on!

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