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Miniature Gumball Machine


There is only one thing every child loves as much as Lego, and that is candy. That is why I decided to introduce a fully functional, miniature Gumball Machine to the Lego Cuusoo world.

I decided to create the machine when my son advised me to make it for his sake since is is too young for Lego Cuusoo. My son owns the YouTube channel AstonishingStudios, a channel that have over a million views and over 4,000 subscribers for creating Lego machines every other week. It seems like there is only one other candy machine on Cuusoo, which technically makes my son and I pioneers on this site.

So, let's get down to the facts on this machine:

-The machine is built on a 10x10 base-plate and is twenty-three and a third bricks high.
-This creation is roughly fifteen times smaller than a life-size gumball machine.
-The machine has never had a problem that required internal adjustments.
-This creation works with most coins in any currency.
-The black bar and grey coin slot designs gives the machine an authentic feel.
-The machine can hold dozens of gumballs that funnel into the mechanics.
-Any spherical item that is slightly less than the size of 2x2x2 studs is compatible with the machine.
-The coin bank can not be shaken out, can only be accessed with certain Lego items and can hold multiple coins.
- To use the machine, one must place a coin in the slot, turn the black bar counter-clockwise and back to receive a gumball. It really is that simple!

Please support this project because Lego gumball machines has a respectable following on YouTube but few people outside the community are aware of creations like this. Thank You.