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Scottish Mini Castle with Rainbow Turrets

Sitting in the hills of the Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by trees and a view over the Loch, you will find this castle, but hang on! Why does it have rainbow turrets?

Well it all started long, long ago, when there was a battle between the Dragon and the Duke, of somewhere or other! The Battle of the Brick!

The Dragon and the Duke were fighting over the land, and bricks, to build the castle, as the Dragon wanted a rainbow castle and the Duke fancied a somewhat dull, grey castle. After weeks of fighting the Dragon managed to convince the Duke to add coloured bricks to the castle to make it more fun and playful, instead of just boring grey, so the Duke agreed to add rainbow turrets to the castle and the Dragon and the Duke stopped fighting and became friends. And ever since, the castle has stood looking playful as ever in the hills of the Highlands of Scotland. 

I love visiting castles around the Scottish Highlands so I decided to build one. However grey is a bit dull on its own so I decided to give the castle some rainbow Turrets to give it a fun look. There is also a large stain glass window on the back which looks both traditional and colourful at the same time. I also added some trees on the outside to give it an extra touch as well and to place it into a nicer setting instead of just on a plain old baseplate. I think that this would make a great lego set as it is a cute and classy pocket sized mini build, which would look great and fit in the smallest of spaces as well as being more affordable than some of the larger Lego sets available. Thanks in advance for your support. I would really appreciate feedback for my minibuild. I hope you like my Scottish Mini Castle with Rainbow Turrets!!! 

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