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Anthromorphs Training Academy


Embrace your inner Animal.

Welcome to the Anthromorphs Training Academy. A secret place owned by Master Tora, where you can learn how to master your spirit animal, and unleash your power by transforming into that animal so you can fight evil. Ryan, a new student who has joined the academy, must learn how to master the power of his lion spirit as well as finding his courage from within. Along the way, he meets some new friends who also need to learn their powers, Blake, Dylan, Ethan, Olivia, and Master Tora's niece Zoe. You can help Ryan and his friends become true martial artists by learning the importance of patience, discipline, and responsibility.

This is truly an original idea that I came up with. If you're interested in this concept and want it to become a true Lego set, please give out 10,000 supports and the company will make an awesome design out of it. You've all seen stuff like Ninjago, Chima, and the Nexo Knights, but this would be a new thing for the Lego company for something that they've never done before. So, please give this 10,000 supports and Lego will do the rest.


  • 14 mini figures consisting both in their human and animal forms. Ryan and his lion form, Blake and his wolf form, Dylan and his brown bear form, Ethan and his falcon form, Olivia and her fox form, Master Tora and his tiger form, and Zoe and her panther form.
  • 7 transforming pods that you can use to turn the human mini figures into animal mini figures.
  • The Training Academy.
  • 584 pieces

This Lego set would be good for the kids and fans alike because it's almost like a combination of Ninjago and Chima. It's unique and creative. Then the best thing about it is the transforming pods because in most Lego sets like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Mutation Chamber set or the Lego Batman Movie Batcave set, you get turning mechanisms that change them into a different mini figure. So in this set, you have plenty of those. It would be very fun to play with all the time because kids love animals and transforming heroes.

Play features:

  • Sliding doors that will indicate Master Tora's arrival.
  • Mannequins will move side to side by turning around the gears on the edges.
  • The transforming pods represent the characters' aura when they are transforming into their animal forms and vice versa. Turn the gear on top of the pod to turn them around. 

I've built and rendered all of this in LDD. I know that the heads on the animal mini figures resemble the pieces from Chima, but this is an original new story and imaginative mind that will certainly capture the minds of the Lego fans of all ages.

Thank you for reading this. If you have questions, comments and/or any advice, please let know down below in the comments.

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