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Modular Electronics Store


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Welcome to the Modular Electronics Store idea. In a few seconds, I will explain you why you should vote on this idea. This lego idea is cool, can be combined with lego sets like 10218, 10243, 10211, 10251 and 10246  and will be an asset to you empty city. This electronics store wants everyone in his town. You can buy anything, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, PC's, watches, and more. In short, everything you need for a beautiful electronics store.
There are 2 floors, on the first floor so the store, but if you go through the glass staircase goes up you end up in a space in which you can place everything, from the genius bar to the Office space of Steve Jobs. You can fill out what you want to build in. Let your creativity but loose! And as you can see, the Store would fit in nicely with the other modular buildings from Lego.
Vote on the Modular Electronics Store idea, because it will be an asset to your city. Who want to make such a building well not in his city? This is you chance to vote!!!

Thanx for reading,


Bjorn Mierop

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