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Vintage Bus Garage


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Welcome to Brickston, a borough of the Capital of the Empire.

It's the year 1932 and on this wonderful morning the gate of Brickston Garage has just opened to let the daily bus service begin.

This set represents a small bus garage in a manner it may have existed in the early 1930's.

While a sand green single deck coach is waiting for departure to the countryside near Tileshire, a doubledecker bus has been parked at the diesel pump for refuelling before entering today's service.

The conductor swings on board and a gentleman is already waiting for the bus.

After the end of his night shift the mechanic breathes the fresh air of that wonderful morning.


Both buses are fitted with removable roofs, in case of the doubledecker also with a removable upper deck. The coach offers space for four passengers, the doubledecker bus for ten.

The garage consists of a maintenance hall with work bench, raised road with under floor inspection area, spare parts, spare engine and a tool trolley. There is also an office with a staff counter and a desk for the garage manager. The roofs of both the maintenance hall and the office are removable.

Enjoy that little worker's world of a long gone time.

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