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Wolfpack Fortress

The Wolfpack had raised from the ashes!

After decades of oblivion, the wolfs has raised. The old fortress has been rebuild and the clan has become stronger than ever.

They enlarged the stronghold by adding new towers, chamber and dungeons. Moreover, they have built a pier for their new bigger boats.

They raid boat made the to travel, trade and get supplies!
From robbers, they become traders and explorers. They travel further, trading and supplying stocks for an increasingly large clan. The lake and rivers are in their possession now.

The fortress has an entire left side that opens. In this way, you discover the dungeons, the warehouse with supplies and armoury, but also the sleeping chamber.

One thing is still the same, there can't be pax with the Forstmen clan.

I've enjoyed very much by designing this set consisting of over 1100 elements. It was a pure pleasure and a sentimental return to these precious moments of childhood carefree.

Hope you like it and you find attractive.

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