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Steambot Rocker


WOW! Staff picks!

Thank you so much, I still cannot believe that this project is still doing so well.

I will upload some more photos soon!

Many many thanks for everyone that supported me so far! and equally big thank you to everyone that will support in future.

Also, I would like to thank Lego for making my project featured in the Staf Picks selection.


Massive Thank You. Very Happy

Hi Folks.

I just want to say Thanks to each and everyone who supported me so far. When I posted my project I did not really expect it will take only 24hrs to reach the first 100 supporters! And when it landed in the Editors Choice email & was blown away!

 My project was much different than most of the stuff you will find on the Ideas page and I honestly don't know what to do with it now. I am so gratefull for all good comments & positive words that I just want to build & build & build even more.

This has given me a massive kick & I do plan create more projects next year!

Once again Many Many Thanks. Seriously Lego Comunity is the Best in The World.

And let's hope this project will still be here in the next year!

But fear not. I do have bunch of extra shots of the model for you to have a look.

Kind Regards




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