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Graceful Koi


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Koi has been an auspicious symbol since ancient times, being referred to as the “Fish of Fortune”, “Fish of Fengshui”,“Living Gems in Water” by folks; and because of its brilliant colors, koi is also known as water peony and named as “Fish of Wealth”.With their bright and diverse colors, strong vitality, and fat body shape, it is the living embodiment of the excitement, wealth and harmony in life.

The design of this model started from the wide lips of the koi, with the use of mudguard elements,
allowing the open-and-close motion. On the sides are its iconic barbels, with its thick head is connected to the gills.A lot of thoughts have been put into creating the roundness of its body and the distribution of colors,as well as the delicate connection between the fins and the body. In order to make the model comes alive,the body can be bent organically to the flow of water, and a brick-built wave as the model base to add some more colors.

With the two smaller carps on the sides, this makes for the perfect number of koi one should own,
as the number of three is considered to be the most auspicious. This will be a perfect display piece to bring good fortune and liveliness to your home.

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