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King Kong vs Godzilla

When playing with Lego bricks, I've always enjoyed imagining the idea of massive giant lizard attacking New York until King Kong saves the day by breaking free from his cage and defending the city. In the background you can see a newspaper building, , the Statue of Liberty, a jewelry company, and of course - the Big Apple. I was not attempting to make actual buildings from any city, I was mainly intending to make them look fun and unique. I added "mouse droids" from Star Wars sets as my concept for vehicles, and I used trophies from the collectible series minifigures to be mini-people. Lego already makes pieces that would go well with this kind of set, but I am hoping for a little customization with the trophy figures, and a new design for Godzilla. This does have possibilities for an entire theme - the backgrounds could be designed to connect together, and a number of monsters could be added such as Mothra, Mechanagodzilla, Rodan, etc.

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