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The Country Guy

"The country guy" (in the original language "Il ragazzo di campagna") is a famous italian comic movie from the 80s. It shows, in a funny way, the simple but hard life of a farmer named Artemio. It made laugh generations of people and it is still funny after all these years. So I though it would be a great idea to reproduce it as a Lego set. I built the most iconic and funny scenes from this movie: he gets up in the cold morning finding the water in the sink frozen, so he has to crushes it with a hammer to wash his face. He says "hi" to a penguin living in his room. He breaks the stale bread for breakfast hitting it with an iron. His TV doesn't work so he puts a lamp in it and uses it to read the newspaper. After a long day working in the fields he takes a nap under a tree and a spider enters in his mouth. He sits, along with other farmers, in front of a railroad to watch the train go by, not to take it but just to admire it, as a beautiful show.
So, if you want to own a funny piece of the italian 80s in your shelf, this is the perfect project.

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