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The Peanuts Gang forever


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We love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang so what could be better then seeing him, Snoopy and their friends in Lego form. This model is based on Charles M Schulz's famous comic strip masterpiece .It includes all the favourite characters in their iconic and eye catching scenes. The set design comprises of: 

  • Charlie Brown and the kite eating tree,
  • Linus and Sally in the great pumpkin patch,
  • Lucy and her psychiatry booth,
  • Woodstock,Snoopy and his doghouse,
  • Schroeder and his piano, 
  • Marcie and Patty at their school desks.

This model is designed so that each piece can be displayed separately or joined into one large and colorful model. In each different scene there are so many details that kids and AFOL's will enjoy.There are hidden details and references to the comics,such as the d on Pattie's desk and the 5c coin on Lucy's table.

I hope you enjoy this rendition of the Peanuts Gang.Take a trip down memory lane with good ol' Charlie Brown.
Thanks so much for the support.

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