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Elven Sentinels - Border of the Elven Kingdom


Phantasy Realms

The set

This set would portray the border of an Elven Kingdom guarded by an elven sentinel.

The story

An elven maiden suddenly appears from beyond the boundaries of the realm, pleading for help because and evil fishbog creature is running after her. The brave sentinel tells her to take refuge in the watch tower as he stands between the pillars that mark the entrance to the elven realm. "You Shall not pass!!!" says the elven sentinel while thinking he should have said something more original.



This is a first approach to a new original project of mine.
Would you mind answering a few questions concerning it?

1) Overall opinion of the set?
2) Is this more oriented for boys, girls or both?
3) Would you buy it? Or it depends on other conditions - which?
4) How much would you pay for it?
5) What would you see changed in it?
6) If such changes were made would you then/still buy it even id the price tag increased?
Thanks for the help!



And check my other projects. They are in need of help. Thanks!

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