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Library Modular

Hi everyone! This is the sixth building that I have designed for the modular buildings collection! This one is a library! I thought that every town should have a library. And, since I love reading books, I thought that my mini figures should have a library! Plus, it makes the town look more like a town since most of the towns that I have been to have a library. The front of my library has a mailbox and a streetlamp. The blue on the side won't be seen when you connect it to the other buildings.

This is the First floor! There is a bookcase section and a front desk. In the middle there are chairs to relax in.

This is the second floor. This is where most of the books are kept. There are 8 bookselves and two chairs for you to relax in.

This is the third floor! There is a cafe with tables, a research center with computers and a table with a magnifying glass.

This it the back of my creation! There are cafe tables and a nice bench you can relax in! There are also a lot of windows!

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