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LEGO Horizon - Hermes

As an aspiring LEGO concept designer and a huge enthusiast, I decided to dedicate my final university project to LEGO. So, for my Automotive Design Masters project I designed a new LEGO theme: LEGO Horizon.

The project featured numerous aspects of design, including a product and graphic design section, all of which can be seen on my website (link below), but the section of the project that I'm focusing on here is the concept design phase.

The main model of this set is the truck, which is called the Hermes. It's a 6 wheeled ATV with working suspension, crane arm and a tipping rear loader. The set also includes a base, containing a computer lab, workshop and sliding crane arm. There is also a transforming mining drone, which can transfrom from transport mode into drilling mode.

To see more of LEGO Horizon and my other projects visit: 

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