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Candy and Ice Cream shop "Candy Cool"

Candy and Ice Cream shop "Candy Cool" is created by Louise Skovgaard Carlsen and Pernille Skovgaard Carlsen.

We have chosen to make our very first LEGO Ideas design - which we hope will be well received - as a
two storey property combined candy and ice cream shop named "Candy Cool", with outdoor seating on the roof terrace and in front of the shop.

This Modular Building is quite big, but it has been designed to be compatible with the existing LEGO Modular Buildings, and it will be interesting for both new -and the more experienced LEGO builders. 

The front of the building has a beautiful entrance with big decorated windows, while the is gracefully adorned with foliage. In front of the store stands their mascot - Nanoq - The Polar Bear.

The ground floor consist of the ice cream shop, which has a soft ice machine and a ice lolly freezer where the customers can pick their favorite flavor. From here a stair leads to the first floor - the candy shop - which has been organized with a "Brick 'N' Mix It" wall. Besides this, a pirate figure and his trusted parrot, guards the gold/silver coins and bars, which, of course, is also available to be purchased. From this floor, a stair goes to the roof terrace, where the Minifigures can sit and enjoy their ice cream and candy at the tables or they can purchase a milkshake from the bar.   

For the safety of the Minifigures, the store has been adapted with emergency exits on every floor.

For this building, we have specially designed the clothes for the employees as well as the customers, which you can see on photos no. 7, 8 , 9,10 and 14. 

Besides this, the store consist of loose "bricks", which represent the ice creams, candies & the milkshake ingredients - see photo no. 15

This building's interior design consists among other things of:

  • 17 Minifigures 
  • Soft Ice Machine
  • Ice Cream Scoop Bar
  • Popsicle Freezer
  • Pick 'N' Mix It Wall
  • Treasure Chest filled with Gold/Silver Coins and Bars
  • Rooftop Milkshake Bar

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Thank you very much for taking a look at our design, we deeply appreciate it!

This project is a collaboration between Lulle89twins and Twinzies89. 

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