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Dynasties - The Greatest Of Their Kind


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Make amazing scenes in Lego from Sir David Attenborough's DYNASTIES!

Replicate what happened in the programs or create your own Dynasty!



  • 5 Different boards with unique foliage and landscape.
  • Chimpanzee - David
  • Chimpanzee - Luther
  • 4 Adult Emperor Penguins
  • 3 Penguin Chicks
  • Lion - Red
  • 2 Hyenas
  • Painted Wolf - Tait
  • Painted Wolf - Blacktip
  • Tiger - Raj Bhera
  • Tiger - Biba (or other cub)


The 5 Scenes On Show:

  1. chimpanzee ~ Weeks since David was thought to have died... He returns, alive, to face his rival - Luther.
  2. emperor ~ The blizzard has hit and the Penguins huddle together to keep warm and protect the chicks.
  3. lion ~ Red has taken just a few steps out of his pride's territory and finds himself surrounded by Hyenas.
  4. painted wolf ~ Blacktip, Tait's own daughter, takes over her mother's territory with a swift invasion.
  5. tiger ~ Raj Bhera's den is no longer secret so she moves house, taking Biba and her other cubs with her.


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